Maltese with dermatitis

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Species and breed

Maltese Dog




5 years


Dr. Cristina Calabria


The Veterinary Clinic “from 0 to 4 legs” – Marigliano (Na)

Pathology found

Licking dermatitis of the nipple and ventral vulvar lip. Itching that manifests itself with licking of the areas affected by dermatitis but also of the interdigital spaces.

Aloeplus products used and dosage

Aloeplus Syrup – 4 ml per day for 30 days.
Aloeplus Dermo Spray – 1 daily application for 30 days

Other products used

Apoquel for 7 days

Detailed report

Joy is a Maltese who lives in the garden in the company of another dog (labrador) and follows home feeding.
The owner takes Joy to visit on the occasion of the vaccination recall. The E.O.G. is normal.
On visual examination, a dermatitic lesion is noted at the nipple (left thoracic breast) characterized by erythematous and swollen skin. The nipple is increased in volume, at the base there is a small ulcer, while the tip is covered with yellowish scales. Even a vulvar lip has a small round, halopecic and erythematous lesion. Despite the frequent and adequate application of pesticides, Joy has an itch and manifests it by licking insistently. I carry out Scotch test and Wood lamp that result Negative. Based on the symptoms I suspect that the patient may be atopic, I recommend leishmania test and put in place immediately therapy with Aloeplus Syrup and Aloeplus Dermo Spray. At control after 7 days, there is an improvement of dermatitis on the nipple and healing of the lesion on the vulvar lip.
After 18 days, Joy still experiences itching with nipple licking, which is still swollen but less erythematous. Meanwhile, the results of the Leishmania test are negative. On the 28th day, there is a marked improvement, the itching is controlled, and the nipple remains erythematous at the tip and lichenified at the base. On the 35th day the nipple continues to improve, it is less swollen and erythematous. After 50 days, the itching is gone completely, and the nipple is deflated and no longer reddened. Only a small lichenification remains at the base. I declare Joy healed, and I advise the owner to continue for a few more days with the application of Dermo Spray.

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